The imagino team

At imagino, team unity takes on a whole new meaning. Collaboration, hard work and fun are the backbone of our company.

Our Leadership Team

Stéphane Dehoche

Stéphane loves people, technology and adventure. These passions have been the major driver, motivator and foundation of his professional career. Stéphane’s significant achievements as a digital entrepreneur (Apsylog, Cubicsoft, Neolane) are well known to the European technology space.

Thomas Boudalier

Thomas started programming as a very young man, we won’t say when that was! He has an unending passion for the positive effect technology can have on companies. It’s what drives him, following huge success as a founder and CTO of Neolane. The current offerings in the CDP market motivate him to deliver technical excellence with imagino.

Arnaud Chapis

Arnaud is a experienced leader with over 20 years of invaluable experience in the dynamic world of SaaS. He has held key management positions at industry giants like Adobe and SAS. Arnaud’s true passion lies in driving the business development of French startups, successfully achieved at Neolane and ContentSquare. He values the impact he can make on the lives of his clients and colleagues, ensuring his work brings meaningful growth. For Arnaud, integrity is paramount, he believes in staying true to his promises and building trusted relationships.

Lindsay McEwan

Lindsay has a passion for driving fast growth businesses and building a culture that focuses on success and fun. He has spent the last 20 years in the martech industry, leading organisations such as Neolane (purchased by Adobe), Go Henry and more recently Tealium. A keen disrupter, Lindsay wants to transform the noisy Customer Data industry with inventive strategies to give businesses control and value from their ever complex customer data.

Succeeding is a Team Sport!

imagino is a group adventure and we’re in it together! We really enjoy catching up, building amazing software, getting it into the market and making sure our customers win. And we do it while having a lot of fun.

Every new hire to the team is supported by a ‘buddy’, a benevolent old (or not that old!)  hand who will show them the ropes. We know that a happy, supported team deliver the best results for imagino and our customers.

The Imagine and Go Product Show

At the heart of our successful growth, the ‘Imagine and Go’ product show is an important part of imagino’s success.  Not only do the product team present the latest features and mock-ups of future developments, but we take input from the entire company on the product direction. Everyone’s opinions and ideas are welcome, the benefit of so many different perspectives cannot be measured.

In June 2023, we will have passed our 38th Product Show.

All our milestones could only have been achieved with this ‘one team one goal’ mentality.

Pop in for a chat

Our London office is conveniently located within walking distance of Farringdon, St. Pauls, Barbican and City Thameslink stations. We love the opportunity for a coffee and a chat, if you want to pop in just drop us a note and we’ll get the best mugs out!