Marketing without the Frankentech…

Marketers deserve to be allowed to think big, and act fast. Agility is everything.

Marketers need to solve issues and take advantage of opportunities today. ¬†Agility means responding quickly to the market, to the economy, to trends, to a piece of inspiration! Too often the CDP brought in to solve data silos and provide a single customer view become just another bulky part of the problem. We believe there’s a better way.

All the data you need, none of the data you don't

All the data you need, none of the data you don't

imagino have a ‘use case first’ philosophy. From day 1, we’ll help you identify the most impactful use cases, and focus on getting that live and delivering value for you. Then we build on. What’s next? We don’t believe in lengthy projects to create another unwieldy database to manage your other databases. We want you out of the blocks, and being your impressive self, in record time.


imagino’s speed and agility doesn’t mean we sacrifice the other things that matter to marketers. We provide a full suite of dashboards to visualise the status and activity of your customer data. You can easily view the volume of your prospects, customers, their average shopping carts, e-commerce products viewed vs purchased, loyalty information. If you can think of it, we can put it in a dashboard.

Activate Any Channel

As you’d expect, we orchestrate all your CRM activations across any channel and any vendor. We have hundreds of pre-built connectors, making it easy to activate and trigger campaigns in your best channels. Because we pull the data direct from the source in the moment you need it, we deliver genuine real-time campaign responses.

Activate Any Data

Great marketing ideas have a half-life. Delays and discussion erode their genius. Lightning-fast execution can prove (or disprove) their value. More likely, testing with rapidly constructed audience segments leads to iteration, improvement, and optimisation. To do this successfully you need access to the right data, right now.

Activate Your Website

Website adaptation and personalisation remains key in successful e-commerce. If you can grab my interest on the homepage – because you know me, and you’re showing me what I want to see, I’m already purchasing. Our connectors integrate seamlessly with the tech developed by key players of the personalisation industry.