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A new Campaign Management solution for today’s requirements and tomorrow’s needs.

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*this time it's personal!
Data is the crucial foundation of campaign management. Providing consolidated, fresh and enriched data to the broader marketing stack is imagino’s core focus, and more often than not, the legacy ESP solution is good enough to execute outbound campaigns.


Yet, legacy campaign tools can be expensive to license and maintain! And we don’t condone ageism, but when it comes to software, being 20 years old is not a great look… That’s why imagino has invested into building a campaign management solution, natively integrated into the CDP.


The approach means that when it’s time for a change, our customers activate the Campaign Management option and leverage the full depth of the dataset during the segmentation and personalisation phases. Your marketing is about to get personal!

Campaign Foundations

Data Mapping

It seems obvious but leveraging the full reach of your CDP foundation opens-up a world of possibilities.

Campaign Management

Create, automate and manage campaigns, from ideation to reporting in a single interface. A CRM dream come true!


No SQL around here! Segmentation is for everyone and can be as advanced as you need, from householding to custom RFM scores, no data is out of reach.

Execution & Analysis

Personalised Content

From personalisation fields to iterating through linked content, “Dear John” might be impressed by how relevant this latest message is. No technical limitations, it’s over to you, marketing!

Real-Time and at Scale

Personalisation and volume are no longer mutually exclusive! From the monthly batch Newsletter to the real-time triggers, there’s no need to worry about deliverability.

Tracking & Reports

We all know that open-rates and click-through are slightly superficial KPIs. We get a lot more excited when that automated UTM tag is re-appearing in the eCommerce data flow, cross-referenced with a healthy net-margin attribute. That’s what empowering CRM is about!


ROI in just a few months!

  • Boost your conversion rate
  • Increase your Average Order Value
  • Decrease your CAC
  • Pre-empt churn
  • Gain invaluable customer knowledge
  • We should be charging more…


  • Spend less time on boring BAU
  • Get back into a creative mode
  • Optimise through a virtuous test-and-learn circle
  • Empower your CRM team
  • Free-up your Data and Analysis resources
  • Make the marketing world a better place!